Is Adobe SiteCatalyst Losing Steam?


We’ve got a few clients on Adobe SiteCatalyst… but I’m not sure how many are really in love with the platform and how many plan on keeping it. SiteCatalyst, like other analytics platforms, limit the number of visits they’ll store data on – a huge disadvantage for anyone who is coughing up the big bucks for an enterprise system. And since Adobe swallowed them, it just doesn’t seem like the same company.

I was curious about this and took a look at some search trends. As prospects and users utilize a platform, they tend to search for them more. In this case, Site Catalyst and Omniture searches appear to be trending downwards. No doubt that Google Analytics is chewing up all of these vendors – but Omniture was different for quite a while. Their professional staff was worth the investment since they continued to help their clients grow. I’m not sure that’s happening anymore.

Vendor agnostic consultants like myself probably don’t help, either. I don’t mind working with SiteCatalyst, but the clients we have aren’t really doing anything spectacular with it. ChaCha did do some pretty cool analysis by region of the page so that they knew what content was attracting and keeping the most visitors… but even that could be done with Google if need be.

SiteCatalyst provides some solid mobile, social and video integrations… but that’s not really a differentiation anymore either. The one feature that SiteCatalyst could be seen as a game changer is workflows:

  • Intuitive user interface—Reveal key online marketing insights quickly and easily.
  • Real-time availability—Access data from your iPad. Scroll, swipe, and zoom into specific time periods. Add new metrics or email reports with a simple touch.
  • Automated decisions—Set up automatic notification of event triggers when key metrics exceed or fall below expectations.

What do you think? Were you a company that left Adobe SiteCatalyst? Is Analytics something you invest in anymore? In my opinion, it’s less about the platform and more about the company helping you succeed. Having worked directly with the folks at Webtrends, I know how much they care about their clients. Working with SiteCatalyst clients, I’m not sure that I’ve ever spoken to an Adobe account manager!


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    I will be honest, I think Adobe is losing a lot of ground due to the Adobe Flash issues. While I know websites are moving away from this, there are still so many that have to catch up. You have a lot of frustrated users out there. While the design packages are great… the carry over I feel is impacting the situation

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    That is a well spotted trend for sure. At LVMetrics, we work extensively with clients who are increasingly realizing the potential of Google Analytics when deployed and used properly. The reasoning is not even about price anymore, it appears to be a realization that there is only so much information that can be meaningfully consumed from a Web Analytics tool and for that, Google Analytics works just fine. Powerful Applications can be built using Google Analytics API including visitor level analytics – something that Omniture has long been touting as a unique selling point. The choice really boils down to a comparison between ‘out of the box’ features of SC, vs. limited GA tracking + a bit of consulting, data magic and ETL. The latter wins handsdown.

What do you think?

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