Adphorus: Facebook Ad and Social CRM Platform


Adphorus is a Facebook Ad Optimization platform that works on top of Facebook Marketing API and Social CRM, allowing you amplify your return on investment based on existing customer data.

Adphorus Features:

  • Actionable Dashboards – Use dashboards to track your campaigns and your KPIs.
  • Performance Marketing – conversion tracking, optimization based on CPA, and test multiple target group, creative, placement combinations to drive direct response results.
  • Full Facebook Ad Support supports all Facebook ad models and targeting options. You can select your placements (newsfeed, mobile newsfeed) easily and use any bidding type (CPC, CPA, oCPM) on the ad level.
  • Simple UI to view your data, ad models and ad combinations.
  • Mobile Support – all the important data with you on all times, and take critical actions like pausing a campaign, changing the budget on your mobile with its simple UI. Available on iPhone. Android and iPad versions launching in 2013 Q4.
  • Contextual – customize presets and UI , filtering and highlighting the most vital information needed.

Adphorus is in the process of qualification as a Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) and waiting to receive their Ads badge. Adphorus is located in Turkey and is focused on launching in the EMEA region.

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