Google Adsense for Feeds

It appears that Google is continuing to refine it’s Google Adsense for Feeds. Hopefully, it will ramp up and be released soon. Putting advertising content in an RSS feed is a little different than a web page. With a web page, Google can dynamically generate an advertisement using JavaScript. However, with RSS, no JavaScript is allowed. Google is developing around this by utilizing a rendered image with an image map.

Google Adsense for Feeds

When the feed opens and makes the image request, Google dynamically renders the image on the fly. This has to be done this way in order to be able to control the Advertiser’s budget. In other words, if I have a budget of $100 – when I use that budget up, another set of advertisements must be rendered for the very next person that opens the feed.

Adsense for Feeds - Details

The one curious item is the selection of Blogger or Movable Type. Why have any constraints to a specific platform? Are there constraints? It seems this technology could extend to any RSS-enabled site. As for Google, there’s not too much information available on their site.

I’m looking forward to signing up for Adsense for Feeds when it’s available. If you’ve got any additional information – please provide some feedback in the comments.

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