AdTruth: Universal Mobile Audience Recognition


AdTruth is on-premise software that allows marketers recognize users across the mobile web and apps. AdTruth works with your existing technology to identify, target and track users while upholding consumer privacy and choice.

Most user recognition technologies require either a login to identify the person and/or a cookie to track them. The problem with a cookie is that they’re often deleted and they’re also not persistent. AdTruth utilizes a persistent device identifier – not a cookie – that respects don not track settings in browsers. They call this Smart Device Identification.

Targeting and retargeting of the mobile device is accurate and occurs in real-time, allowing the advertiser or the publisher to dynamically place opportunities for sale, upsell, or abandonment retargeting. AS individual devices are identified, advertisers can combining the device ID with client data to develop audience profiles.

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