Does Brand Advertising Work?


Does brand advertising work? Lab42 asked just that and put together this infographic with the results.

We decided to take a look at how consumers view advertising claims, and their opinions painted an interesting picture. Only 3% would describe claims in ads as very accurate, and only 21% would describe ads as somewhat accurate. We found out exactly which parts of ads they don’t believe– almost all pointed to Photoshop as an element of advertising deception. Check out the infographic below from Lab42 for insights on ad perception, brand perception, and if brand advertisements really work.

Believe them or not, whether questionable brand advertising works or not is ultimately answered by whether or not consumers made the purchase. I may view an advertisement that states that I can double my leads and still make the purchase without the expectation that they'll actually double. Perhaps, in reading the advertisement, I just believe that the strategy is plausible and worth testing. In short, my perception of the ad may have been negative, but I still may make the purchase.

Of course, I'm not advocating flat out lies to sell your ads with. However, pointing to some great statistics, an award, an exceptional result from a client may be enough to grab someone's attention. It's the expectation that you set with your client is what's key!

Advertising Perception

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    I love the ‘what an ad should do’ educate me, make me aware of products and relate to me…. nowhere does it say sell to me!

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