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The 2018 Native Advertising Technology Landscape Keeps Getting Bigger and Bigger

As mentioned previously in Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on PPC, Native, and Display Advertising, this is a two part series of articles focusing on paid media, artificial intelligence and native advertising. I spent the last several months conducting copious amounts of research in these specific areas which culminated into the publication of two free ebooks. The first, Everything You Need to Know About Marketing Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, was mentioned in the first article. The second rolls out what I uncovered cataloging the 2018 native advertising technology landscape


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What is an Ad Server? How does Ad Serving Work?

It may seem like a pretty elementary question, “How are ads served on a website?” The process is quite complex and happens in a remarkably short period of time. There are publishers all over the world that provide the relevant, targeted audience the advertisers are attempting to reach. Then there are advertising exchanges throughout the world, though, where advertisers can target, bid, and place advertising. What is an Ad Server Ad servers are the systems that automate the request, bidding, and serving of those ads as well as the reporting on the performance of the


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RetargetLinks: Show Ads in Content You Share

As your brand becomes an authority online, it’s not expected that you rewrite and publish every piece of news that’s published out there. In fact, many sites and resources have much more authority than your brand. Since they did such a fantastic job, sharing their articles will help build your credibility and authority online. Of course, what would be even more beneficial is the ability for you to drive traffic to their article and then provide a call-to-action that drives prospects back to your offer. With RetargetLinks, that’s precisely what you can do with retargeted


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What Does Google’s New Rotating Ads Update Mean for AdWords Campaigns?  

Google is synonymous with change. So it may have come as no surprise that on August 29th, the company rolled out yet another change to their online advertisement settings, specifically with ad rotation. The real question is — what does this new change mean for you, your ad budget and your ad performance? Google isn’t one to give a plethora of details when they make such changes, leaving many companies feeling in the dark as how to proceed. How will this new change really effect your advertising? What to Expect This Fall: Enhanced Algorithms When it


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The Native Advertising Technology Landscape is Bigger than Expected

In a previous post, Douglas Karr asked, What is Native Advertising? In the article, Douglas featured our latest infographic detailing the entire native advertising technology landscape. This infographic contains 272 companies that touch native in some way. To discover all of these companies I scoured the Internet and viewed hundreds of websites. The task was daunting and tedious. The result was the below infographic. For a thorough understanding of the methodology deployed and definitions used please see the original unveiling here. Click on image to view full screen Download high-resolution versions 2017 Native Advertising Technology