AeroLeads: Identify Prospect Contact Info with this Chrome Plugin


Regardless of how large your network is, it always seems that you never have the right contact. Especially when you’re working with very large organizations. Contact databases are often out of date – especially since businesses have significant employee turnover.

The ability to look up contact information in real-time from a solid source is essential to your outbound prospecting efforts. AeroLeads allows outbound sales professionals to search contacts by company or – through their new Chrome plugin – grab their contact information that’s within their database and related to a social profile you’re looking at.

Utilizing the Chrome Extension is simple:

  1. Install the Chrome extension, Activate it and Search on AeroLeads, Google, LinkedIn, Crunchbase, AngelList etc.
  2. Select Relevant Prospects and transfer them to AeroLeads into a prospect list.
  3. AeroLeads will fetch all the details of the business or person that includes Email, Name, Phone Number and social profiles.


You can even send the list to an external CRM if you’d like to build out a prospect list there. Contact information is provided at about $0.50 per record. You can test the plugin with 10 free credits.

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Disclosure: We’re signed up with AeroLeads and are using our affiliate link in the button above.

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