The State of Agile Marketing in 2016

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Almost 2 years ago, Jascha Kaykas-Wolff shared what Agile Marketing was and why corporations had to shift their strategies to utilize the methodology. Even if you don't download Jascha's book, make sure you read the article that goes in-depth on agile marketing. So how far have we come?

Workfront released their Agile Marketing Survey results conducted online by MarketingProfs, and here are a few key highlights:

  • 41% of marketers are using Agile methods to manage work
  • 43% of marketers don't know what Agile is or how it works
  • 40% of marketers are using a combination of multiple methodologies (waterfall/traditional, Agile, reactive)
  • 57% of marketers report their work planning processes are lackluster, at best

There's even an issue with the marketers that are incorporating agile marketing strategies… as they may be confused as to what agile marketing really is. Only 14% of marketers stated that they deliberately reorganized work based on feedback.

There is a huge opportunity for forward-thinking marketers to bring positive change to their organization through Agile methodologies. Agile focuses on improving the speed, productivity, adaptability, and responsiveness of creative work. Workfront's Agile capabilities provide an alternative to traditional project management processes by offering an Agile structure that can easily be adopted by users at their own pace, or mixed with more traditional waterfall methods. Joe Staples, Chief Marketing Officer at Workfront

Here's an infographic with an overview of the results.

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The State of Agile Marketing in 2016

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