5 Advantages Agile Marketing Has Over Traditional Marketing Processes

Agile Methodology

As development organizations grew in size and scope, they started to have more and more problems. A large organization might do quarterly releases with hundreds of developers writing thousands of lines of code that worked well locally, but caused headaches and collisions downstream in quality assurance. Those collisions would lead to features being removed, delays to releases, and meetings up and down the chain of command to try and remove roadblocks. Agile methodologies offered a different approach, using collaborative, empowered teams to drive long-term results through a series of sprints.

Today’s marketing strategies require companies move through an agile marketing journey to ensure pro-active, omni-channel strategies can reach the overall goals of the organization. So the same processes that helped streamline and accelerate enterprise development have been applied to marketing teams. In this infographic from CMG Partners, they refer to Agile Marketing as the New Operating System for Marketing.

Advantages of Agile Marketing

  1. Doing the right work – marketers focus on what customers need rather than internal, legacy and hierarchical processes that drag on and on.
  2. Executing at the right time – by shortening the cycle and prioritizing campaigns and efforts, marketers can respond faster to customer needs.
  3. Reaching the right people – collaborative teams and proactive strategies target the right customers with the right message at the right time.
  4. Getting impactful results – breaking down silos and streamlining processes ensures that messaging can be optimized cross-channel for maximum reach and results.
  5. Optimizing and improving – iterative cycles ensure lessons learned from the last sprint are applied to the next, continuously improving marketing ROI.

Here’s a breakdown of how most marketing teams operate versus how agile marketers operate.

Agile Marketing versus Traditional Marketing

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