All Business is Local

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map markYou heard me right… all business is local. I’m not arguing that your business might attract national and international business. I’m simply arguing the fact that most businesses try to avoid being labeled as local – even though it could actually help them.

We encourage all of our clients to promote their geographic location or locations. Whether it be through robust mapping applications like we built for Wild Birds Unlimited, or simply encouraging clients to list their phone number and street address on each page of their site as we did with Lifeline Data Centers.

Every business is run somewhere… ours is downtown Indianapolis. We chose downtown so that it had a bit of metro feel to it and it was adjacent to the state capital and center of the established commerce and businesses in downtown Indianapolis. Surprisingly, that’s not where our clients are though. We’re currently working all over Europe, in India, in Canada and up and down the West and East Coasts.

Why do we promote our address on our site? Because letting people know where you are is a great step towards building trust from them. Invisible brands on invisible companies with invisible employees have a much more difficult time building credibility with their audience. Would you spend a lot of money with a company you couldn’t track down? I wouldn’t! There’s even some evidence that shows that the search engines want to know you’ve established yourself regionally as well – indexing sites faster when they provide phone numbers and addresses.

We did a radio show on Local SEO this week and it went fantastic. One of our listeners pointed us to a great tool at GetListed. We’ve got some work to do to register with some other sites. I think we’ll pass Best of the Web – but will definitely register with the others. Are you listed?

Note: Another reader wrote in to tell us about Universal Business Listing (Affiliate link), a service that ensures your business is registered with every location-based directory. If your business can’t be found regionally, you may have problems getting found nationally and internationally!

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