Acronyms Beginning With F

Sales, marketing, and technology acronyms that begin with F

  • FPGA

    A type of programmable digital integrated circuit that can be configured after manufacturing to perform specific tasks. Unlike microprocessors, which are fixed-function devices with a specific instruction set, an FPGA can be programmed to perform a wide variety of digital…

  • FUD

    A sales method that is used to get customers to leave, or not choose to work with a competitor by giving information that triggers doubt.

  • FKP

    Points commonly plotted around the nose, eyes, and mouth, to create a facial signature unique for each individual.

  • FIP

    Google’s measure of user and page experience activity in its Core Web Vitals.

  • FAB

    Another of the aspirational sales acronyms, this one reminds sales team members to focus on the benefits a customer will gain from their product or service, rather than what they’re selling.

  • Fintech

    A portmanteau of financial technology, refers to the firms and platforms utilizing digital technologies to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services including payments, loans, investments, and credit management and monitoring.

  • FOMO

    FOMO marketing refers to messaging that appeals to consumers’ desire to latch on to every opportunity before it slips through their fingers. Many people would rather make an impulse purchase than regret failing to act later.

  • FAQ

    A list of commonly asked questions and answers relating to a particular subject provided in an organized and easily searchable user interface where a visitor can easily find the information they’re seeking.