The New ABC’s of Retail: Always Be Connecting

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Brick and mortar retail outlets still drive a lot of purchasing power to their stores – and it won’t be going away anytime soon. But behaviors are changing, requiring the internal sales strategy within stores to build better relationships and experiences with their customers to ensure they keep coming back.

This infographic from DirectBuy is a transparent look at their own challenges, how customer behavior is changing, and the new strategies they’re deploying. Perhaps my favorite is their new ABC… it’s not Always Be Closing, it’s Always Be Connecting!

Hard core sales tactics are falling by the wayside in favor of more user-friendly, service-orientated interactions. We’re investing in a suite of virtual benefits so members can get the very best prices and services without ever leaving home. DirectBuy

Shopping online doesn’t just offer convenience, it provides a ton of other advantages:

  • Store Hours – Consumers can shop whenever they want online.
  • Competitive Pricing – Competition across the Internet drives down prices between competitors.
  • Speed – No waiting in lines… online shopping is much quicker.
  • Offerings – Availability, variety and comparison are all superior online.

People still shop in-store for many reasons… to see and touch the product, the comfort of the store, the appreciation for the staff, and the fact that they can return items easily. Matching the convenience of online with a great experience in-store improves the retailers’ ability to get more traffic in-store while driving conversions online as well.

You simply can’t match customer experience in a chat or phone call with an in-person opportunity. Building relationships should be a priority for every brick and mortar.

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    Thanks for information. In my practice i mentioned, that positive feedback or nice page on facebook, can push people to buy smth. But the worst idea is to pay attention to SMM nor do ecommerce cares about SEO.

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