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Amplitude: Mobile Analytics for Decision Makers

Amplitude is a simple mobile application analytics platform for developers to integrate. The platform includes real time analysis, interactive dashboards, retention by cohort, instant retroactive funnels, individual user histories and data export.


Professional, business and enterprise plans also include revenue analysis, user segmentation, customizable queries, advertising attribution analytics, direct database access and custom integration depending on the package you sign up for.

Integrating with Amplitude only requires a single line of code in your app. Once integrated, you’ll be tracking daily, weekly, and monthly active users, sessions, retention, device types, platform, country, language, app version, location, and more all out of the box. Add a line of code to track additional events within a session.

Amplitude Retention Reporting:

Amplitude’s software developer kits (SDKs) are available on Github for iOS, Android and JavaScript.

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The Competitive State of the eCommerce Marketplaces

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