Presentations: An Easy Way to Kill a Meeting

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is with a terrible PowerPoint presentation. Jean Palmer Heck is a public speaker and public speaking coach who shared her book, Penguins, Peacocks and Pancakes with me. It’s a fantastic book for the PowerPoint impaired… that would be me.

On the positive side, my PowerPoint slides have evolved over time and I’m following best practices more with each edit. Here’s a recent slide deck shared on the Promoting Your Program blog at Walker Information that I think is a fantastic example of a great presentation… with great advice for building great presentations.

Jean’s guide provides the proven formulas, how-to’s, hints and ideas to designing better PowerPoint presentations. Since imagery is such a critical part of designing a great presentation – my personal advice is to spend some time on iStockphoto to find some vivid imagery that supports the information you’re trying to convey.

Spend some money on great images – it’s a great investment!

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    Great presentation.

    Another great way to find visuals is to perform an advanced search on Flickr with the “Only Search Creative Commons” box checked.

    Just make sure you follow attribution and usage guidelines.

    I’m surprised I’ve lived so long with amount of awful presentations i’ve seen.

    Here’s to a better world. 😀

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