The Page View will not Die

I respect Steve Rubel, but I’m not in agreement with his current post stating the imminent demise of the page view by 2010. Steven states: These sites will be built with Ajax, Flash and other interactive technologies that allow the user to conduct affairs all within a single web page – like Gmail or the Google Reader. This eliminates the need to click from one page to another. The widgetization of the web will only

I’m in love with StumbleUpon

I love sharing stats… so here’s a segment of stats of referring sources to my blog here. One of the items that you’ll notice is that StumbleUpon is fast becoming a great referral resource for my site. Both the quantity and the quality of those hits are exceptional, you’ll note that a majority of visitors stick around for more than one page. StumbleUpon simply makes it simple to review sites. I utilize a StumbleUpon toolbar

Data Cleanliness

I wrote a colleague today reinforcing how important Data Cleanliness is in your CRM efforts. Says I, “Data Cleanliness is next to Data Godliness” Says She, “Then I will be in Data Heaven” Chuckle!