Anatomy of a Disaster

BombMany moons ago, I was impressed with Dreamhost’s transparency when it came to the disaster where their clients’ sites were down for quite an extended period.

This week, I had my own fun! After getting the most hits ever, having my site go down (due to some MySQL settings), I implemented caching on the site. I have a 100Gb of bandwidth (I never come close to using) and 10Gb of space. It’s all alloted neatly for my clients into some nice packages that I can easily govern.

What I failed to realize was the volume of space that I was going to incur when I turned caching on with my account, though. I quickly tripled the server space and brought my site to a screeching halt. As luck would have it, I was in a nice high level meeting with some very influential marketing folks from the city of Indianapolis for our monthly Marketing Book Review.

So… with my site down and many of my friends calling, emailing, and instant messaging me, I was oblivious to all of it. I got back to my desk and had messages, calls, IM’s, text messages…. oops.

Thanks to all of you who tried to get a hold of me! I really appreciate it. Once I saw the issue, I quickly moved the site over to a much more robust package with plenty of room for expansion and MySQL max threading. Sorry for the downtime.

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