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    Thanks for the tips. I’m trying to figure out how to clean up my mailing list properly. I am getting good open rates but I think lots of my list is still not opening. Maybe I’m sending too many mails to them, but I’m trying to coach them via email and I need to be persistent.

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      Hi Mozie, there’s a chance those emails that are unopened are actually not getting to a real inbox. You can use a tool like our partners at 250ok to monitor your inbox deliverability rate to see if you are being pushed to junk folders by some ISPs. You can also use a tool like our partners at Neverbounce to see whether those email addresses are truly valid. Most of the time we see significant unopened rates, it’s either a disposable or unmonitored email address, or we’re having a problem with our deliverability that we need to troubleshoot and correct. That could be an infrastructure problem, that we were reported and on a blacklist of some sort and need to prove our innocence, or that our content is triggering some ISP’s spam filtering. It’s a tough industry… especially for honest senders!

      Douglas Karr

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