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Anchor Podcasting App

With Anchor, you can fully launch, edit, and manage your podcast right from your phone or desktop. Anchor is completely free to use with no storage limits. Users can capture all their audio with the Anchor mobile app or upload it from your dashboard online.

Anchor Desktop Platform

Combine as many segments as you want into an episode (e.g., your theme song, an intro, an interview with a guest, and some listener messages), without having to do any advanced editing.

Anchor Features Include:

  • Anchor Interviews – enables you to make outside calls.
  • Distribution – automatically distribute your podcast to major podcast platforms (including Apple Podcasts and Google Play Music) with just one click.
  • Embedded Player – If you already have your own blog or website, you can easily embed your podcast there so people can listen without having to leave your site. Grab the embed code from your profile in the Anchor mobile app or from your dashboard at
  • Applause – Anyone listening to your podcast in Anchor can applaud their favorite moments. Applause is persistent, so anyone listening later will be able to (optionally) hear the parts others enjoyed.
  • Audio Comments – Listeners can send voice messages in to your show any time. They’ll have up to a minute to respond, which keeps all of your messages short and sweet.
  • Automatic Transcription – Anchor transcribes audio that’s uploaded to Anchor (under 3 minutes).
  • Social Videos – when you want to promote your podcast on social media, Anchor generates an animated, transcribed video in the best format for each platform. They support square for Instagram, landscape for Twitter and Facebook, and portrait for Stories.
  • Podcast Analytics – With Anchor, you can see things like your plays over time, how episodes stack up to each other, and which apps people are using to listen. If your listeners are using the Anchor app, you can even see who’s heard each episode, and where they applauded or commented.

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