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This button stuff really is getting out of hand, isn’t it? I just wrote about the Twitter follow button… which I was pretty excited about. Today I noticed that Google’s +1 Button for publishers is now out and customizable. I’ve gone ahead and added it to Martech Zone.

Here’s a video explaining the Google +1 Button:

To customize the Google +1 button, Google has a +1 Button customization page published. To get it to work within a WordPress template, there were some tweaks:

  1. The button does a great job of utilizing the Canonical URL within your page, so be sure to have Canonical URLs turned on. I recommend the Yoast SEO Plugin – it does everything from meta tags to XML Sitemaps effectively.
  2. On pages where you have multiple posts, do not include the script tag multiple times. In fact, I just put the script tag for Google +1 Button in my footer… this way it never loads more than once. Just put the Google +1 tag where you’d like the button, then put the script tag in your footer before your close body tag. Then you’ll need to add a ‘data-url’ element to the tag and customize it with your permalink.

I’m not too sure how popular the Google +1 Button will become. However, I often find that being an early adopter can drive much more traffic while others are waiting to see… so I’ve added it. I hope that Google has some kind of development framework in the works around the Google +1 Button so that sites can harness some of the popular topics and links for other projects.

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