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Word of mouth plays a big role in creating a positive brand image and prompting prospects to make that final leap into making a purchase or patronizing a service. The web has a plethora of review sites… most of which are open to anonymous users that have become problematic due to trolling competitors and false reviews. These sites are overrun by competitors hoping to damage your reputation.

Businesses are surprised to find out how different our client, Angie’s List, is. On Angie’s List, your business account is free. Your reputation is built from a 1.5 million strong subscriber base, all of them registered and usually paid subscribers, eliminating the chances of bogus or biased reviews. Angie’s List even provides a mediation service to ensure issues are reported accurately. The service has become so popular to its users that people often search for Angie’s List + the service and city!

Angie’s List is the nation’s premier provider of trusted reviews on contractors and doctors in over 550 categories, like roofers, plumbers, house cleaners and dentists. More than 2 million members check Angie’s List to find the best local service providers and save on projects with exclusive member discounts

Angie’s List opens up a page for each company and assigns a report card style A to F grade for the company. The service encourages customers to review on price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality and professionalism, and the grades reflect the aggregate of customer reviews.

Businesses cannot pay to be on Angie’s List or influence the ratings in any way, but registering allows you to get email alerts so you can:

  • Manage your reputation by reading and responding to reports and reviews about the business
  • Create a storefront to update business information, offer services and discounts to lure customers
  • Promote your great ratings once they are achieved!
  • With a great rating, Angie’s List also allows you to distribute deals to the community.

Because Angie’s List is so adamant about being a trusted, accurate source, your company will benefit from accurate reviews by real customers. As you work, you should push your customers to do reviews of your company on Angie’s List so that you can drive better grades and more business your way. One you gain momentum, be sure to take advantage of Angie’s List deals and magazine advertising. The community is ravenous about deals since they recognize and trust the businesses that are allowed to advertise there!

Any service industry serious about their reputation should manage and promote their presence in Angie’s List. Register today!

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