Appinions: The Who, What and Which of Influence Marketing


Some marketing technology platforms age like fine wine as they continue to unwind the issues that plague marketers. Appinions appears to be one of those platforms. When we did a post a few years ago, it was a nice little platform that provided influence by topic and person – very useful at the time. Years later and it’s a comprehensive marketing platform that can help to develop content strategies for corporations to attain authority in the specific markets they wish to pursue.

Back in the day, sales and marketing were simple. The only information a potential customer could find out was controlled by you – first simply through your ads (pre Internet) and then on your website. Sales could then scoop in, fill in the rest of the information, and close a deal. Nowadays, that’s totally flipped. Recent statistics show that 60% of the buyers journey happen before the customer even reaches out to you.

That 60% is what Appinions calls uncontrolled marketing – brands did not know what their potential customers were reading, where they were reading it, who was saying what, which of the millions of opinions on your brand out there mattered, etc. Until now! – Appinions gives you that insight and lets you influence all these new customer touch points.

For any given topic, Appinions surfaces who’s saying what, and which of those opinions are actually important. Appinions ingests tens of millions of articles each day, and analyze who is saying what about which topics, based on years of Cornell natural language processing research. The data points reach across reactions online, offline, real news sources, television, and social media.

The Appinions Dashboard


As a marketer, you can then do a number of great things with that data. You may wish to reach out to those influencers and make them aware of your product. Or you may use the topic data (ie what things are people talking about that’s resonating) to direct your content marketing strategy. Or you may wish to find speakers for an event. Or you might wish to measure the success of a product launch, etc…


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    I researched and experimented with a lot of influence marketing platforms when co-authoring Influence Marketing: How to Create, Manage, and Measure Brand Influencers last year, and after all that I’m confident in saying that Appinions is one of the most comprehensive enterprise platforms available. Highly recommended.

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