Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder

Utilize this tool to build your Google Analytics Campaign URL. We’ve included some nice features, like changing the color of the background whether or not you’ve filled in required fields and have a valid URL. We even provide some autosuggestions on common marketing mediums and channels.

Build Your Google Analytics Campaign URL

  • This is the page that you wish to track any visitors arriving at from your campaign.
  • What is the name of your campaign? Try to be detailed with both time and name to easily locate your campaign in Google Analytics.
  • This is the actual site or source that you want to track visitors coming from. The example given is Facebook.
  • What is the marketing medium you are using? Pay Per Click (shown), Display Ads, Social Media, Email, SMS, etc.
  • Are there any specific keywords that you’re targeting with this campaign?
  • If you’re running different versions of your campaign, describe this one (discount code, promotion, product, offer, etc.)
  • Double-click the field to select all, right-click and select copy.

How to Collect and Track Campaign Data in Google Analytics

Here’s a thorough video on planning and executing your campaigns using Google Analytics.

Where Are My Google Analytics Campaign Reports?

Google Analytics reports are found within the Acquisition menu and you can add any of the additional dimensions that you’ve defined above. Keep in mind that Google Analytics data is not instantaneous, it requires some time before it’s updated.

Google Analytics Campaign Report