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This year, we’re seeing some amazing advancements in user interfaces for marketers. Last year I met with the leadership team at Aprimo after speaking with Haresh Gangwani, the VP of Product Strategy. The company had recently shifted gears and began offering a Software as a Service “Studio” version.

I was also introduced and met with their CEO Bill Godfrey at length. It was an incredible conversation about the Marketing Revolution… and I unfortunately did a poor enough job recording it that I had to discard it. 🙁 I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting new CMO Lisa Arthur who has 20 years of experience and has worked for giants like Oracle, Akamai and other technology firms.

What I totally underestimated was the incredible toolset that Aprimo had developed online and put into their clients’ hands. While other marketing automation leaders haven’t modified their user interface in years – and still use difficult combinations of user controls, scripting and APIs to build sophisticated marketing processes – Aprimo has provided its clients with the mother of all user experiences… simple, elegant, and advanced drag and drop functionality.

Here’s an example of their segmentation design engine. Tools can be dragged into the interface and easily customized. The system even provides counts on the fly. Campaigns aren’t simply limited to email, the automated segmentation processes can automatically output mailing lists on the fly to provide complex, multi-medium campaign executions.

Marketers can build sophisticated triggered campaigns through a flowchart style process tool as well:

And as Marketers look to ensure their strategies are all running smoothly, the solution provides both a calendar and a Gantt view of the multiple campaigns:

From the Aprimo site:

Aprimo’s integrated, on demand marketing software enables B2C and B2B marketers to successfully navigate the changing role of marketing by taking control of budgets and spend, eliminating internal silos with streamlined workflows and executing innovative multi-channel campaigns to drive measurable ROI. Our platform is customizable to your organization’s particular needs with modules for Event Planning, MRM Marketing Resource Management, DAM Digital Asset Management, EMM Enterprise Marketing Management, Marketing Plans, Campaign Planning and Strategy, Brand management, Social Media Management, and more.

Visit Aprimo‘s site for additional information. Aprimo also publishes some incredible blogs on measured marketing.

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    Hi Douglas nice article on the topic Integrated marketing.
    Automation plays an important role in 21st century. Most of the lead management and sales acceleration tolls are typical examples of this. Integrated marketing blended with automation helps in identifying user behavior and faster response to augment conversion rate.

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