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Last weekend I was invited by the team at Site Strategics to be on their Edge of the Web radio show and to speak to some New Media Communication students who came down from IU Kokomo to speak with us. It was a fantastic event and the students were enthusiastic and asked a ton of questions – not just about new media but about business as a whole. It was incredibly encouraging to see how passionate they already were.

When I go to these events, I always try to bring some kind of promotional items. This time I brought some 4Gb USB drives that DK New Media had made by ePromos.

The promotional USB drives were an instant hit and after a couple students saw them, I had a crowd of students surrounding me. People love promotional items… especially when they're useful. Just like any marketing, there's good money spent and bad money spent, though. USB drives aren't that inexpensive, especially when they are 4Gb :). However, by giving away a valuable promotional item, it provides a sense that of quality and distinction that we'd like people to associate with our company.

Don't skimp on promotional items. It may be a signal to your prospects that you're the kind of vendor that's going to skimp on them!

About ePromos: I've re-ordered from ePromos a couple of times now and really appreciate their service and their offerings. The drives were nicely printed, showed up on time and well-packaged, and they had very strong bulk order discounts. Another thing I appreciate with ePromos is that they send our “Time to Re-order” emails about a month after you order an item with a discount to re-order. It's a great reminder to check your supply of promotional items and re-order when necessary!

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    Sponsored gifts will build a world of distinction for selling as customers keep them for extended amount of your time rather than discarding them or ignoring them like alternative advertisements.

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