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Argyle Social: Conversion Tracking and Social Media

For quite a while, friend and colleague Jason Falls has been partnering and touting the abilities of Argyle Social. Jay Baer is a fan as well. We have been using a variety of tools and even whitelabeled one for our social media agency work. It was an okay platform but pricing was nuts.

Jason introduced the great folks at Argyle and they demo’d the platform to us. I was quite impressed. Not only is it real-time and a very robust dashboard for social publishing, customer engagement, and social analytics… the jaw drop came when the team demonstrated the ability to track conversions with the system. Here’s a shot of overall reporting with conversions and dollar amounts (setting a dollar amount is optional).

Comprehensive reporting providing campaign conversions by social media source:

And a really cool feature of tracking conversions and impact by account:

Argyle integrates with Google Analytics, automatically tagging your links with GA parameters so that you can monitor the campaigns in Google as well. This is important, since a lot of social traffic is lumped into ‘direct’ traffic as you look at traffic sources in your Analytics. I’ve written about how social traffic analysis is a missing component of analytics in detail.

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