Arrrgh Microsoft Office VBA & XML!

I was doing some playing around with Microsoft Office today and actually created a form that would post to an API and then bring back the response XML. Since Office 2003 is XML integrated, I then looked to see how I could easily parse the returned XML to save it to a table or temporary recordset….


This is when I find out that Microsof Office 2003 is fully integrated with XML (or MSXML) through it’s GUI (Graphical User Interface) but NOT through the VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) engine. That means that, though I can get the XML response, I have to use code to parse the XML and work with it.

My guess is that the problem is that VBA really hasn’t changed since Visual Basic 6.

NOTE TO MICROSOFT: Update your Programming Interface when you release featurers in your Graphical User Interface! Geeez.

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