Video: The Art of Data Visualization

As we work with data and big data sets and customers, we find that data becomes very dangerous when misrepresented or misinterpreted. Marketers sometimes take advantage of this to twist the interpretation to the benefit of the client. This is unfortunate as it can lead to missed expectations. Looking at data can be deceiving, but visualization data can be very telling.

When we're working with infographics, the order of the visualization needs to be from a broad story down to finite information that supports the story. The design is what brings the story and the data together to communicate the message effectively. We often start research and design at the same time so that we don't let the data overwhelm or distort the overall story. I believe too many infographic designs start with tons of data and just vomit it out in a pretty design. Stats are great, but the story is much more important than the stats!

This is a great short from PBS on data visualization:

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