AtEvent Card Scanner: Automate and Enhance Lead Capture at Events

Card Scanner

I'm heading to Chicago tomorrow to interview a ton of companies at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition. My standard process on this is to record interviews through the day, write notes, collect business cards, and then head to my hotel room when everyone else is getting together for drinks.

Before I forget anything, I submit all the contacts to LinkedIn and then write notes for myself on following up where necessary. Chances are, I'll miss a couple and they'll touch base weeks later wondering what happened. In all honesty, I think I'm pretty thorough but someone always seems to be missed. Well… there's an app for that!

atEvent's Card Scanner mobile app is for salespeople to collect contact data at the event via direct input or just scanning the card and using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). And with their application fully integrated – you can push that data directly through to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) along with the event source clearly indicated.

The atEvent Card Scanner app is fully integrated with the most widely used and trusted marketing automation and CRM systems, enabling field salespeople to automatically transfer highly accurate prospect data to their preferred systems and start the lead-nurturing process immediately.

atEvent Mobile App and Tablet Apps

If you've also integrated atEvent with your Marketing Automation platform, you can event immediately kick off a nurturing campaign on the contact.

A key differentiator with the atEvent platform is that contacts are also aggregated at the organization level, enabling sales professionals to see simultaneous or historical contact with the organization over all the events their teams have been active at.

atEvent Contact Browser

The platform comes with real-time reporting where you monitor the productivity of your sales team from your home office or post event.

atEvent Reporting

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