Enterprise Customer Analytics, Social Analytics and Response


In today's social world, piecing together what the customer really says is of paramount importance for brands. Attensity could be a useful tool in this context.

Attensity's text analytics tool extracts facts, relationships, and sentiments from the labyrinth of responses received in relation to, say a promotional campaign, a tweet, a Facebook update, a blog post, survey responses – well, you get the drift! The Attensity extraction engine applies natural time tested linguistic principles and the results of many years of research on natural language processing (NLP,) machine learning, artificial intelligence, and semantics, to convert unstructured free-format text to identifiable facts and events in a relational format. It breaks down sentences, separating actors, actions and objects.

Attensity also offers in-depth customer analytics. Attensity's tools help brands collate what the customer has to say over multiple social media channels, while automating the process. The task is made even easier by the host of intuitive reporting and analysis tools, with a simple and easy to use drag-and-drop based interfaces. There's a great example of this on the Attensity blog where they analyze United Airlines.


Deploying Attensity tools, marketers can –

  • Convert descriptive data into quantifiable data, and bring together data from all disparate sources into a single 360 degree view, ready for objective analysis
  • Manage information overload the right way by throwing out garbage and analyze only the meaningful data, saving time and resources
  • Eliminate the distortions caused by language complexities, cultural nuances and contextual issues, all which play a major role in how people communicate, to bring all data to a single level.

Such benefits translate to better feedback, a better understanding of core issues, accelerated responses to issues and improved transparency, improving efficiency, productivity and quality of decision making.

With over 85 percent of all electronic data stored in an unstructured manner, the importance of such tools is certainly being underestimated. For additional information on Attensity, visit the Attensity resources page – full of product brochures, ebooks, whitepapers and case studies!

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