Author Tom Morris responds re: If Harry Potter ran General Electric

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I don’t believe a day goes by that I am not simply amazed at the effects of the Internet, Google, and Social Networks on our world. That may sound really ‘geeky’ but I got home today and had a very gracious response to my post about Tom Morris’ book, If Harry Potter ran General Electric. That just made my day! The full post and the comments from Tom are here.

Tom has sold me on his book, simply by being nice enough to take the time to say hello and give some background on his book. How often do we see this today? I’ve never put a buck in Tom’s wallet, but when he saw my post via the net, he was nice enough to say hello. Taking time out of his schedule to respond to my post already tells me that the information that I will read in Tom’s book will be fulfilling to say the least.

Ironically, I had just gotten home from the Verizon store where I purchased my phone a few months ago. I stood in line for 55 minutes (yes, that’s true), got up to the desk, and was promptly given a business card with a phone number on who I needed to call regarding my broken phone. I spent a lot of money with those guys, and they didn’t even look happy to see me!

A side note… I wrote Tom and jokingly told him I wasn’t a fan of Harry Potter, but he assures me that I’m not to worry. He wrote:

The book is written in such a way as not to presupposed knowledge or fandom regarding Harry Potter. I’ve heard from bunches of CEOs who have never read a word of Potter and who write praising the book!

Thanks for your gracious email! I hope you find the new book refreshingly novel and stimulating for your own further reflections! Some have told me that the chapter on lies was alone worth the price of the book.

Thanks, Tom! Be sure to look me up when you come to Indianapolis. Coffee is on me!

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