The Psychology of Social Media

The Psychology of Social Networking is an awesome infographic brought to us by the team at Included is your typical stats about social media use and its proliferation into our lives. But the really interesting information can be found in the bottom half of the image, where the team gets to the heart of why we really use social networks. And guess what they found? Turns out for most of us, that our emotional

Why Twitter’s Search and Discovery Features are NOT a Game Changer

Twitter has announced a set of new features which enhance both the search and discovery features. You can now search and you’re be shown relevant Tweets, articles, accounts, images and videos. These are the changes: Spelling corrections: If you misspell a term, Twitter will automatically show results for your intended query. Related suggestions: If you search for a topic for which people use multiple terms, Twitter will provide relevant suggestions for similar terms. Results with real names

Why Your Business Must Go Social

Unlike other more traditional forms of marketing, social media marketing is as accesible to small business owners as it is to Fortune 500 companies. This infographic illustrates the impact of social media on your business.