Amanda West-Bookwalter

Amanda West-Bookwalter is the Digital Media Marketing Specialist at Formstack, responsible for implementing and scaling digital advertising strategies for the technology company. Prior to joining the Formstack team, Amanda served in a senior account management role for a pay-per-click management company and has spoken at multiple online marketing conferences, including HeroConf, SMX East, and SES Denver.
  • Advertising Technology
    google adwords

    How to Make the Most of New AdWords Conversion Reporting

    Which would you prefer: The attention-grabbing digital ad that attracts 1,000 website visits? Or the slow-performing one that’s received just 12 clicks so far? It’s a trick question. The answer is neither. At least, not until you know how many of those visitors converted. A super-targeted ad resulting in a dozen qualified conversion actions would be ten times more valuable…


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