Stuck on a Plane for 3.5 Hours

I recognize issues with the weather and appreciate that the airlines wish to keep people safe. My 14 year old daughter is on her first trip with her class to Washington D.C. She’s been sending photos to me of the White House, the Washington Monument, the Constitution and other sites since she arrived on Sunday night. We paid quite a bit of money for the trip and her school has done this trip for over

Apple Taking Notes from Microsoft?

It seems every week I’m downloading another service update for Vista. Most recently, Vista had a Service Pack on the same day that Apple had their 10.5.3 update for OS X Leopard. Since the update on Leopard, I’ve been having tons of issues using a browser… whether it’s Safari or Firefox. Today I decided to reinstall Safari to see if I could fix this once and for all. When I started the installation, I was

There’s Plenty of Room…

There’s plenty of room for all God’s creatures. Right next to the mashed potatoes., originally uploaded by dullhunk. My Dad sent me this by email and it was simply too funny not to share. This is an advert for Saskatoon Restaurant, Greenville, South Carolina, and can be purchased as a T-Shirt. I’m also testing out Flickr’s ‘Blog this photo’ feature. It’s a pretty cool feature where you can create a layout template and post an

Wildcard DNS and Dynamic Subdomains

In all my spare time (ha!), I’ve been working to wrap the Wild Birds Unlimited Map application with an enterprise application that will allow folks to design their own store locator. Developing my own Software as a Service solution has been a goal of mine for quite a few years, and this is a great opportunity. There are two key features off the shelf that I wanted to put into the application that are turning

Maybe Time to Rethink your Strategy When…

If you’re ever going to tout your solution’s ability to increase sales – perhaps this isn’t the way. I sent a site to a friend of mine Jason, and he found this great little case study on how a restaurant pushed their 1/2 price special and almost doubled their sales. Hmmm.