Jacob Loveless

Jake Loveless has had a twenty-year career of making technology go faster. From low latency trading systems on Wall Street to large-scale web platforms for the Department of Defense to microwave networks for telecommunication companies - Jake has helped propel software to new speed limits. Today, Jake runs Edgemesh, the global web acceleration company he co-founded with two partners in 2016. Edgemesh helps eCommerce companies across multiple industries and platforms deliver 20-50% faster page loads to users around the globe.
  • Ecommerce and RetailEdgemesh Site Speed as a Service

    Edgemesh: The ROI of E-commerce Site Speed as a Service

    In the competitive world of e-commerce one thing is certain: Speed matters. Study after study continues to prove that a faster site leads to increased conversion rates, drives high checkout values and improves customer satisfaction. But delivering a fast web experience is difficult, and requires both an in-depth knowledge of web design and secondary “edge” infrastructure that ensures your site…

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