LinkedIn Testing New Weather Notification Feature

LinkedIn appears to be testing a weather notification across the header bar area. Since yesterday, hovering over the weather information icon indicates that the service is “Power by sun365”, the makers of a Google Chrome extension and the weather dashboard website And, yes, they say “power,” not “powered.” This appears to be an extremely limited test trial, or an extremely slow rollout, as I was unable to find even one other person that is

Google Places & Google Plus Pages For Business (for Now)

This won’t be yet another post encouraging you to go set up your Google Plus Page for business immediately, nor will it give you instructions on how to do so. Admittedly, that is what I was hoping to suggest at the release of Google+, and despite my preparation for a webinar to that end, I must realistically offer an alternative … for now. Why not just dive in? Well, while we should allow for the