Social Media Advertising and Small Business

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have all beefed up their advertising offerings. Are small businesses jumping on the social media advertising bandwagon? That was one of topics we explored in this year’s internet marketing survey.

Marketing Predictions for 2016

Once a year I break out the old crystal ball and share a few marketing predictions on trends I think will be important for small businesses. Last year I correctly predicted the rise in social advertising, the expanded role of content as an SEO tool and the fact that mobile responsive design would no longer be optional. You can read all my 2015 marketing predictions and see how close I was. Then read on to

Worksheet: Inbound Marketing Made Simple

Just when you think you have a handle on this internet marketing stuff, a new buzz surfaces.  Right now, Inbound Marketing is making the rounds. Everyone is talking about it, but what is it, how do you get started, and what tools do you need? Inbound marketing starts with free information, offered through social channels, search, or paid advertising. The objective is to spark the curiosity of a prospect and get them to trade their

Social Media: A World of Possibilities for Small Business

Ten years ago, marketing options for small business owners were fairly limited.  Traditional media like radio, Tv and even most print advertising were just too expensive for small business. Then along came the internet.  Email marketing, social media, blogs and ad words offer small business owners a chance to get their message out. Suddenly, you could create the illusion, your company was much larger with the help of a great website and a strong social

Social Media Matures

Sixty years ago as television was emerging on the scene, TV ads resembled radio ads. They consisted primarily of a pitchman standing in front of a camera,  describing a product, much the way he would on radio.  The only difference was that you could see him holding the product. As TV matured, so did the advertising. As marketers learned the power of the visual medium they created ads to engage emotions, some were funny, others

Social Media Survey Says: Owners Stepping Up

According to the 2011 Small Business Social Media Survey, business owners are taking social media more seriously than in year past.   In a survey conducted from May 1, 2011 – July 1, 2011 we asked243 small business owners ( companies with less than 50 employees) who was creating content for their social media accounts. Owners are taking charge From their responses, it was obvious owners are taking social media seriously as more than 65% indicated

Survey Says: Time Spent on Social Media is Time Well Spent

On a regular basis small business owners ask us if Social Media is worth spending time on.  Based on the results of our 2011 Small Business Social Media Survey the answer to that question is YES!    In this follow-up survey, small businesses are defined as companies with 1-50 employees. It is important to note this survey did not attempt to measure the number of small businesses using social media, but rather how existing social business

Survey Says….

Talking to small business owners about social media there seems to be a growing interest in the medium as they begin to shift marketing activities away from traditional to social media. Our preliminary results from our social media survey seem to indicate business owners, both men and women are spending more time on social media daily.  ( Men spending even more then women).  This is a dramatic shift from just one year ago when we