Lorraine Ball

Lorraine Ball twenty years in corporate America, before she came to her senses. Today, you can find her at Roundpeg, a small marketing firm, based in Carmel, Indiana. Along with an extraordinarily talented team (which includes cats Benny & Clyde) she shares what she knows about web design, inbound, social media and email marketing. Committed to contributing to a vibrant entrepreneurial economy in Central Indiana, Lorraine is focused on helping small business owners gain control over their marketing.
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    Social Media Advertising and Small Business

    Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have all beefed up their advertising offerings. Are small businesses jumping on the social media advertising bandwagon? That was one of topics we explored in this year's internet marketing survey.

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    Worksheet: Inbound Marketing Made Simple

    Just when you think you have a handle on this internet marketing stuff, a new buzz surfaces.  Right now, Inbound Marketing is making the rounds. Everyone is talking about it, but what is it, how do you get started, and what tools do you need? Inbound marketing starts with free information, offered through social channels, search, or paid advertising. The…

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    Social Media: A World of Possibilities for Small Business

    Ten years ago, marketing options for small business owners were fairly limited.  Traditional media like radio, Tv and even most print advertising were just too expensive for small business. Then along came the internet.  Email marketing, social media, blogs and ad words offer small business owners a chance to get their message out. Suddenly, you could create the illusion, your…

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    Social Media Matures

    Sixty years ago as television was emerging on the scene, TV ads resembled radio ads. They consisted primarily of a pitchman standing in front of a camera,  describing a product, much the way he would on radio.  The only difference was that you could see him holding the product. As TV matured, so did the advertising. As marketers learned the…

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    Has Small Biz Social Media Changed?

    Last summer we surveyed small business owners to understand how they were using social media.  The results were documented in a series of white papers. A lot has changed in the last year.  My perception is that more businesses then ever are engaged in social media, or at least testing the waters.  It that is the case, it seems like a…

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    Technology Fueling Economic Growth in Indiana

    As a judge for the 2011 Mira Awards, I had a chance to spend a day meeting with founders, inventors, programmers and business leaders making a significant impact in our technology landscape.  While I can’t tell you who the winners are, you will need to attend the Mira awards next month, I can tell you there are some really exciting…

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    Facebook Small Business Survey Results

    Roundpeg is focused on small business.  So, while I am always intrigued with what larger companies are doing, my business depends on my understanding of what small business owners do, think, want and need. And because of that focus, we have launched a series of studies to understand how small businesses ( 1 – 25 employees) used social media. While there…

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    Indy is StartUp Friendly

    Douglas Karr, was one of four judges who helped us select the winning team from Startup Indy.  In this interview he talks about why he was involved, and why it makes sense for tech firms to launch a startup here in Indianapolis. Douglas Karr on Judging at StartUp Weekend

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    While You Were Having Dinner and Watching TV, We Were Building Businesses

    This weekend, 57 entrepreneur have been working on starting seven new business.  From software tools and social media to a portable laptop desk, the ideas are starting to come together. And if you are curious enough about how all this is going to turn out, and what the judges ( including Douglas Karr) think about the business ideas, join us…

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    Start Up Weekend – Changing the World One City at a Time

    This weekend 125 people from more than 30 countries spent a few days discussing how Startup Weekend could have a positive impact on our global economy.  Sounds crazy?  The Kauffman Foundation is willing to bet $400,000 we are not.  They have provided a three year grant which allowed the StartUp Weekend team to expand to 8 full time staff members. This small…

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