Serving is the New Selling

I attended an Indianapolis AMA luncheon where Joel Book spoke about Marketing to the Power of One. His presentation contained a plethora of great information around using digital marketing to serve customers more effectively. Although, there were several takeaways from the program, there was one that stuck with me. The notion that: serving is the new selling. Basically, the idea that helping a customer is more effective than constantly trying to sell to them. How

5 Point Email Marketing Holiday Checklist

It’s Fall which means back to school shopping is in full swing and students are on their way back to the classroom. However, Timing. Be aware that even though it’s only August, several people are already starting to look into gift ideas. If they find it for the right price, they go ahead and purchase to be ahead of the game. Position your emails for that audience and craft emails to capture those buyers. Of

Email Marketing Trend: Using Special Characters in Subject Lines

Around Valentine’s Day this year, I noticed a couple of organizations using a heart in their subject line. (Similar to the example below) Since then, I’ve seen more and more companies starting to use symbols in their subject lines in order to grab the attention of a reader. Using special characters in the subject line is one of the latest email trends and many organizations are already jumping on board. However, if you haven’t yet,

3 Email Marketing Tools You Need to Know About

Text to Subscribe – If you are working with an email marketing agency, they will likely already have connections with a partner who offers the text to subscribe feature. Text to Subscribe is a great email marketing tool. It is a hands off approach to growing your email marketing list. Your email marketers take the time to set this up while you sit back and watch it run. With little effort, you will see how

Time to Spring Clean that Email Marketing Program

It’s that time of year again. The days are longer and the weather is nicer. People usually take advantage of spring time to be able to clean their houses from top to bottom. I know I’ve already done a deep clean of my humble abode. It’s not a bad idea to translate cleanliness to your email marketing program. Here are some spring cleaning tips: Scrub! Take the time to scrub your lists really well. Find

3 Take-Aways from 5 Keys to Exceptional Email Marketing

According to the 2012 MarketingSherpa Benchmark Survey, several companies are likely to increase their email budget by more than 30% in 2012. However, Delivra is finding that most companies are still struggling with the same fundamental tactics of email – list building, content, integration, design, etc. Don’t increase your email budgets without a clear focus on what needs to improve and what doesn’t. Take the time to focus on the fundamentals; it’s these basic concepts

3 Tips for Creating Mobile-Ready Email

Before you start determining how to create an email that is mobile-friendly, you should ask yourself “What are your recipients using to view your email?” if you determine that there is a need for a mobile optimized email, then it’s time to start considering how to go about creating it. Here are some tips to creating mobile-ready emails for your email campaigns. 1. Subject Lines. Mobile devices tend to cut email subject lines short at