Time to Spring Clean that Email Marketing Program

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s that time of year again. The days are longer and the weather is nicer. People usually take advantage of spring time to be able to clean their houses from top to bottom. I know I’ve already done a deep clean of my humble abode. It’s not a bad idea to translate cleanliness to your email marketing program. Here are some spring cleaning tips: Scrub! Take the time to scrub your lists really well. Find

3 Take-Aways from 5 Keys to Exceptional Email Marketing

Reading Time: < 1 minute According to the 2012 MarketingSherpa Benchmark Survey, several companies are likely to increase their email budget by more than 30% in 2012. However, Delivra is finding that most companies are still struggling with the same fundamental tactics of email – list building, content, integration, design, etc. Don’t increase your email budgets without a clear focus on what needs to improve and what doesn’t. Take the time to focus on the fundamentals; it’s these basic concepts

3 Tips for Creating Mobile-Ready Email

Reading Time: < 1 minute Before you start determining how to create an email that is mobile-friendly, you should ask yourself “What are your recipients using to view your email?” if you determine that there is a need for a mobile optimized email, then it’s time to start considering how to go about creating it. Here are some tips to creating mobile-ready emails for your email campaigns. 1. Subject Lines. Mobile devices tend to cut email subject lines short at

I Can’t Do It All!

Reading Time: 2 minutes When it gets to be around the Holidays, you hear a lot more people saying how they could use a couple more hours in the day. Or if they could clone themselves, they could be in two places at once and get a lot more accomplished. The same can likely be said by marketers and how they feel regarding their email programs. Most companies don’t have the luxury of a whole team of email marketers

Don’t Put Email on the Back Burner!

Reading Time: < 1 minute In the last Delivra guest post for Martech, Neil included a survey asking you all what some of the main obstacles were that you were facing with your email programs. One of them was the lack of time to accomplish what was wanted. I completely understand being pressed for time; there never seems to be enough hours in the day! That being said however, I urge you to make your email program a priority. If