Why Website RFPs Don’t Work

As a digital agency in business since 1996, we’ve had the opportunity to create hundreds of corporate and non-profit websites. We’ve learned plenty along the way and have gotten our process down to a well-oiled machine. Our process starts with a website blueprint, which allows us to do some initial prep work and hammer out details with the client before we get too far down the road of quoting and designing. Despite the fact that this process works really really well, we still encounter the dreaded RFP from time to time. Does anyone love RFPs?


Set Your Profiles Free: Unlink Your Twitter Account

I’ll admit… the recent announcement of the breakup between Twitter and LinkedIn warmed my heart. No longer will people be able to just mindlessly blast their Twitter updates into LinkedIn without having to actually log in and engage. While I know others share my glee, what are the pros and cons of cross-linking your Twitter account to other networks? Since Facebook still allows this practice, it’s still happening. While it drives me nuts, I’ll admit there are some advantages if used politely – but almost on one ever does. So what are the pros? Pros


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5 business phone practices that damage your brand

Running a small business is difficult and stressful. You are constantly wearing multiple hats, putting out fires, and trying to make every dollar stretch as far as possible. You are focusing on your website, your finances, your employees, your customers, and your brand and hoping you can make good decisions every time. Unfortunately, with all the directions small business owners are pulled, it can be difficult to put enough time and attention into branding. However, branding is one of the most important aspects or your business and can have a great deal to do with


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How to get blog ideas using Google

As you may know, blogging is a great content marketing activity and can lead to improved search engine rankings, stronger credibility, and a better social media presence. However, one of the most difficult aspects of blogging can be getting ideas. Blog ideas can come from many sources, including customer interactions, current events, and industry news. However, another great way to get blog ideas is to simply use Google’s new instant results feature. The way to use this is to start typing in keywords that are related to your industry, and then see what Google fills


Increase email productivity with offline mode

Most people who know me are aware of my love affair with Inbox Zero. First made popular by Merlin Mann, Inbox Zero is a method of managing your email and keeping your inbox empty. It’s a great email productivity system. I’ve taken the concepts, distilled them a bit further, and and added a few new twists. I also teach educational sessions on email productivity on a regular basis. Though I’m a big fan, not everyone is willing to commit to following all the steps in a true Inbox Zero system. I frequently fall off the