Matt Shanahan

Matt Shanahan is CMO at Azuqua, a company helping businesses automate workflow between SaaS applications, including social, email, marketing automation or CRM systems that are critical to customer success. Matt has nearly 30 years of experience in the technology industry, ranging from Accenture to startups. He is a proven entrepreneur as the VP of product marketing and management for Documentum from startup through initial public offering and most recently as co-founder and SVP of strategy for Scout Analytics.
  • Sales Enablement
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    Azuqua: Eliminate Your Silos and Connect Cloud and SaaS Applications

    Kate Legett, VP and principal analyst at Forrester in a September 2015 blog post wrote in her post, CRM is Fragmenting. It’s A Controversial Topic: Keep customer experience front and center of your company. Make sure that you are supporting your customers through their end to end journey with easy, effective, enjoyable engagement, even when the customer’s journey crosses technology platforms. The…

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