How Small Businesses Use Software to Manage Contacts

With over 90% of small businesses using some digital form of data management to store contacts, it seems apparent that small businesses have plunged into the digital age. But, we wanted to know what these small businesses are doing with the contact data. What we discovered may surprise you. You can find the full survey results at the AddressTwo University.

Avatar Branding: Cold or Creative?

Ever since I picked up @kyleplacy‘s and @edeckers‘s book “Branding Yourself” I began to second guess a decision I made early in my young tech start-up. Years ago, I created a persona named Addy. She was a feature of the software, but more than that, she was the most hands-on servant to our customers. My goal was for people to associate her person with AddressTwo more strongly than my own. It worked. And today, I

Avoid the App Store with “Add to Home Screen”

I know that I’ll probably catch some flack for this, but I’m not a Mac fan. Ok, I just plain can’t stand them. I can’t put my finger on why, but here’s a start: in order to develop an App for the illustrious iPhone, you must develop only on a Mac with Mac software—an investment well over $2,000. Nevertheless, the iPhone is a market-changer and a marketing medium to which businesses must cater. So, you

My Facebook Usability Rant

I’m afraid I have no new information to share with the readers of the Martech Zone, just a plea for your help.  After watching the video below, please either: Tell me if there is some work-around to this that I’ve missed, or… Retweet this status update until your fingers bleed so that it gets someone’s attention at Facebook. [youtube:]

How to Get a New Website Crawled by Google Tomorrow

Recently, I’ve been launching a lot of new websites.  As AddressTwo has grown and my time has freed up, it’s created a perfect storm of new ideas and free time to execute, so I’ve bought dozens of domains and implemented micro-sites left and right.  Of course, I’m impatient, too.  I have an idea on Monday, build it on Tuesday, and I want traffic on Wednesday.  But it can take days or weeks before my new