Stop Talking And Listen

Social media is social. We have all heard that a million times. The reason we have all heard this a million times is because it is the only single constant rule that can be proven about social media by anyone. The biggest problem I see on a regular basis is that people are talking at their followers rather than talking with them. Recently, we found a customer complaint on Twitter regarding one of our clients.

Social Media Is the New PR

I recently had lunch with some of my fellow public relations professionals, and as always the conversation turned toward tactics and techniques used in our industry. As the only one in the group utilizing social media as the sole form of communications for clients, my portion of the conversation would seemingly be the shortest of the group. This turned out not to be the case, and it got me thinking: Social media is no longer

Attract Followers, Don’t Buy Them

It’s not easy to develop a large follower base on Twitter. The easiest way is to cheat and waste your money buying thousands of followers from one of these online “businesses” that offer such services. What is to be gained from buying followers? So what if you have 15,000 followers who have no interest in your business and the message you are communicating? Buying followers simply does not work, because having a huge following on

The Most Important Rule in Social Media PR

Want to know the best part of utilizing social media as part of your public relations campaigns? There are no rules. PR people are constantly being reminded of rules. We have to follow the AP Stylebook, news releases have to be written a certain way and executed at certain times. Social media is an opportunity for your company to break the mold and create unique content that actually matters to your public. The key word