Email Newsletter Monetization: Two Viable Options for Bloggers and Small Publishers

Influence is no longer the exclusive domain of large publishers. Eyeballs and marketing dollars are being diverted toward an army of small, niche publishers; be they content curators, bloggers, vloggers, or podcasters. Given the increased demand, these micro-publishers are rightfully looking for ways to thoughtfully profit from their audience, and their effort. Profit in Email Newsletters Along with other with the monetization tactics that they currently use, like website display ads and social media sponsorships, today’s specialty

An Insider’s Look at the Future of Email Marketing Software and Services

One of the benefits of living and breathing a niche industry, like operating an email agency, is that it affords one the opportunity to ponder what the future may hold. The following is a future-vision of what email marketing will look like in year 2017 for practitioners, marketers and consumers alike. The Name of the Game Has Changed Fast forward six years and the term “email marketing” has disappeared from our vernacular entirely. Although lower

Making a Case for Outsourcing Email Marketing

For marketers who want to mine more gold from their email programs; outsourced email marketing is quickly gaining popularity. They’re seeking managed email marketing services because they’re frustrated and frugal. Does outsourcing your email marketing makes dollars and sense to you?

Is a Visual Business Plan Right for You?

Until now, I’ve started (but never finished) dozens of classic business plans. So I usually just wing it with a “business outline”, but secretly wish I had taken the time to map out my long and short terms strategies in greater detail. So this time I’ve drafted a visual business plan.

What is an Email Marketing Consultant and Do I Need One?

Email marketing consultants generally take three forms; all of which have skills and experience that are specific to developing effective email marketing strategies. However, their core competencies and offerings vary greatly. So do you need an email consultant? If so, what type? Ask yourself the following questions.