Get offline, get unplugged, at least for a while

I first got online and got my first e-mail address in early 1995.  In late ’95 I launched my Web design business.  Having my own company meant being online and available to my customers all the time.  I was always plugged in.  Even on vacation I brought my now vintage NEC laptop.  As time went by I joined various startups.  Even then when on vacation it was expected that I spend at least some of my time checking “urgent” e-mails and calling in for important meetings.  And I did. But this past week I took



Don’t become a Advertising Malware victim

The e-mail comes in. You’re excited. It’s a very high CPM deal from a major brand name advertiser. You don’t recognize the e-mail address of the sender. You think to yourself: “ Must be a small interactive shop that the major brand is using”. You send back an e-mail asking for their IO (Insertion Order) and start looking at your available ad inventory. You go back and forth with them, they are anxious to get the ad run started ASAP. They offer to up the CPM if you can get it started today. You are