Get offline, get unplugged, at least for a while

I first got online and got my first e-mail address in early 1995.  In late ’95 I launched my Web design business.  Having my own company meant being online and available to my customers all the time.  I was always plugged in.  Even on vacation I brought my now vintage NEC laptop.  As time went by I joined various startups.  Even then when on vacation it was expected that I spend at least some of

Don’t become a Advertising Malware victim

The e-mail comes in. You’re excited. It’s a very high CPM deal from a major brand name advertiser. You don’t recognize the e-mail address of the sender. You think to yourself: “ Must be a small interactive shop that the major brand is using”. You send back an e-mail asking for their IO (Insertion Order) and start looking at your available ad inventory. You go back and forth with them, they are anxious to get