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I’ve been beating up every company I know to take advantage of the authorship capabilities that Google has brought to market. I’ve seen a significant increase in click-throughs on our search engine results pages and so have our readers. Are you tired of me talking about it? Well, it’s even easier now to enable authorship features in WordPress thanks to an incredible plugin, called AuthorSure.

Their plugin provides all the necessary features… in addition to a few more really nice ones – including publishing your author bios on blog posts, formatting a great author page, and publishing rich snippets. The plugin even works for multi-author blogs.

We’ve written a ton of code and had to highly customize our WordPress theme to make this all happen… I wish we had this plugin back then! Here are some screenshots from their site that show the different features:

If you haven’t implemented any authorship tools yet… do it NOW! And be sure to tip the folks at AuthorSure for doing such an incredible job. Now we need to work on ripping out some of our code so we can just use this plugin!


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    Hi Doug
    Thanks for mentioning the AuthorSure plugin – just to say if anyone wants to give it a try we are currently helping people to get set up. 

    It’s easy to get stuck IF your theme tries to do authorship markup and makes assumptions on your behalf, or the other problem we’ve seen is when people have tried to do the markup and for whatever reason it hasn’t worked, then they try to add the plugin.  You have to clean out all your previous tries before installing.   Anyway – we’ll help if anyone needs a hand.

    Thanks once again

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