Autographed Book Giveaway!

0470122455.01. SCMZZZZZZZ V22454405Today I received Chris Baggott’s book in the mail, woohoo!

So here’s the deal! Buy a copy of Chris’ book by clicking on the book in this post and I’ll provide another fantastic book, Kiss Theory Good Bye, to the first 3 people who send me a confirmation link that they purchased the book. The books are autographed by Bob Prosen himself!

I’m excited for Chris’ book for a few reasons:

  1. I’m looking forward to reading the book. Chris has been on the road since his company’s inception speaking and learning from Email Marketers across the planet. No doubt the book will be the only book worth reading on Email Marketing!
  2. Chris is a friend and mentor. He’s open, honest, and simply an all-around nice guy. Chris and I became friends quickly when I joined his company and I was torn when he left for his new startup (but he knows I’m cheering him on!).
  3. I’m in the book! There’s a great section in the book on automation and integration that Chris asked Amol Dalvi and me to provide feedback on. Check it out… I think we’ve put together some great advice on APIs… with or without Email Marketing.

0977684806.01. SCMZZZZZZZ V44661370I also have a 4th autographed copy of Kiss Theory Good Bye for Engtech, long-time reader of this blog who couldn’t find a copy of the book where he lived (it’ll be in the mail next week, Eng!).

Special thanks to Bob Prosen for graciously sending out autographed copies of his book after reading my review. I’ve been passing around his book at work and to friends! It’s a fantastic book on leadership and management strategies that will fit any organization.


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    Hey Doug,

    I’m in. I sent you my info and am looking forward to digging into Chris’s new book, especially your new claim to fame section.

    While I was over at Borders the other day I had the opportunity to read a couple chapters of Kiss Theory Goodbye , that is also another excellent book.


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