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When it comes to social media marketing, analytics is the game changer. Without analytics it becomes next to impossible to determine which campaigns are successful, where to direct the ad revenue, and what connects with customers. However analytics for the sake of analytics is of no use. Only those that explain how social media interventions add value or result in conversions matter. undertakes performance marketing for social media. It enhances social media analytics with “actionable insights,” allowing businesses and marketers to get a clear and measured response to questions such as whether a social media campaign generated clicks to the website, how many of such clicks converted, the value of such conversions, and more. is the leading platform for companies to harness social data. We measure how social marketing like Facebook posts and Twitter updates leads to meaningful outcomes, like signups, purchases, and other business goals

Here’s an interview by Scobleizer showing and, a working application that demonstrates the abilities of offers a publishing tool, or you can integrate it into existing workflows. It tracks each social media post individually and provides detailed information such as channel, time of day, messaging, content and more. It integrates with Google Analytics and provides the Return on investment of social media as compared to other marketing channels.’s individual post level metrics allow for easy comparisons to find out the combinations that click. For instance, people may sign up for a posted event. drills down and finds out from which tweet or re-tweet, or Facebook post or share did people who signed up, come from. And, the reports go beyond merely recording the likes or shares, and provide the measures or value in monetary terms. offers three different plans: a personal plan for a single project, a pro plan that allows managing ten different projects simultaneously and the enterprise plan that allows managing unlimited number of projects simultaneously. The enterprise plan offers a fully branded social media performance tracking option including value added services such as custom URLs, custom-configured reports, ability to integrate data into in-house reports and more.

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    Social media marketing analytics is a great way to present how social channels plays a vital role in tracking of your site…

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