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Kate Legett, VP and principal analyst at Forrester in a September 2015 blog post wrote in her post, CRM is Fragmenting. It’s A Controversial Topic:

Keep customer experience front and center of your company. Make sure that you are supporting your customers through their end to end journey with easy, effective, enjoyable engagement, even when the customer’s journey crosses technology platforms.

The CRM fragmentation creates a pain that ripples to the customer experience. A 2015 Cloud Report by Netskope cites that the average enterprise uses over 100 applications across marketing and CRM. While SaaS apps drive significant efficiencies, they also create complexities for business users – such as integrating and analyzing customer data. For example, eConsultancy found that moving data between systems (74%) is amongst the most painful marketing challenges, and Bluewolf found that 70% of Salesforce users have to enter the same data into multiple systems.

Azuqua is helping businesses solve this ‘pain in their apps’ by empowering business users to connect cloud and SaaS applications in under one minute, including a new solution called Azuqua for Customer Success. Designed to eliminate siloes created by disparate CRM, marketing automation, service and support applications, Azuqua for Customer Success allows business users to integrate data, automate business-critical workflows and take control of the customer experience. Azuqua for Customer Success is available starting at $250 per month.

Azuqua for Customer Success gets our CRM, support and project management apps working together to eliminate manual data entry. By automating data flows, our sales, support and customer success teams can work together to create a superior customer experience.  Thomas Enochs, VP of Customer Success at Chef

Azuqua for Customer Success features over 40 application integrations, including FullContact, Gainsight, Marketo, Salesforce, Workfront and Zendesk, and 15 purpose-built workflows. At each stage in the customer journey, Azuqua lets business users connect their SaaS applications, automate business-critical workflows, and take control of the customer experience.

A well-oiled customer success machine requires that your apps work in tandem to get consistent data instantly distributed across all possible customer touch-points. Relevance and timeliness matters, so when disconnected apps inject delays and mistakes, that translates into lost revenue. Our solution alleviates your pain by ensuring data from accounts and contacts is consistent in every app, user notifications and alerts are timely, and hand-offs are accurate. Nikhil Hasija, CEO and co-founder at Azuqua

Azuqua for Customer Success workflows include:

  • Customer journey: capture and record customer success milestones and exceptions from implementation, onboarding, training, and consulting.
  • Contact aggregation: centralize account and contact data across all systems of engagement from support to marketing to online communities.
  • Enrichment: integrate with external customer success data sources such as FullContact to automatically add data to account and contact records.
  • Communications: monitor for important customer success events or actions and send alerts in near real-time via email, text, or instant messaging.
  • Data orchestration: ensure that new or updated account and contact data is updated in support, consulting, training, marketing, community, and other applications.
  • Process orchestration: keep tasks and issues up-to-date across these applications.

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