And Now for the Dark Side of B2B Content Marketing

dark side content marketing

As a company applies the resources necessary for an effective content strategy, it’s sometimes a tough expense to swallow since it requires gaining momentum and authority in their industry. They truly don’t have any choice outside of purchasing expensive leads through advertising and paid search programs. And the wait isn’t the only challenge – this infographic from Scripted points out quite a few more challenges but supplies some optimistic strategies for overcoming them.

As content marketing continues to increase in popularity in every industry, more marketers are focusing on the value it can bring to the table. It’s true, content marketing is a great way to reach a new audience, generate brand awareness, educate consumers and more — but it also can be very detrimental to a marketing strategy, especially if it isn’t done the right way. Nicole Karlis, Scripted

Half of all marketers don’t have a documented content marketing strategy and 62% think their efforts are ineffective. Of course, 21% aren’t actually measuring what the return on investment is and only two-thirds of the content created actually gets published. Scripted provides 8 ways to avoid these challenges – from documenting your content strategy, creating a content calendar with consistent output, establishing goals, analyzing your audience, and repurposing content that’s working.

Check out all the details in this infographic and click-through to go over to the Scripted blog where they have a ton of resources for you to improve your content marketing strategy and execution!


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