Your B2B Strategy Should Include Ecommerce

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Did you know that we’ve added a services shop on Martech? We don’t promote it a ton (yet) as we continue to dabble, but we are seeing more and more companies that just want up front pricing and don’t wish to work directly with a sales team to sign up for a product or service. It’s why we built out this portion of our site and we’re continuing to add products and services – from audits to infographics.

As eCommerce and omnichannel purchasing experiences rise to dominance in B2C, they will become akin to consumer shopping. Since B2B buyers and procurement personnel are consumers in their personal lives, the expectation for informative, easy-to-navigate digital purchasing platforms applies just as much to buying a new fleet of corporate cars as it does to ordering a new pair of shoes.

We predicted every business would be an eCommerce business… but we’re not the only one! Accenture Interactive surveyed senior-level digital and eCommerce professionals at large B2B organizations to understand the shifting attitude towards buying online.

  • The number of B2B buyers who purchase goods online is up from 57% in 2013 to 68% in 2014.
  • 86% of B2B organizations now offer online purchasing options.
  • Only 50% of B2B organizations receive more than a tenth of their revenue from online sales.

One key on this that we’ve seen is that B2B visitors don’t want to pay up front using a credit card for these sizable engagements. That’s not a problem now that we’ve offered multiple payment strategies, including invoicing.

Accenture Moving B2B Business Online What Organizations Should Know

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